Energtek is a US public company (symbol: EGTK) offering cost-effective solutions in the world of NG delivery and supply, based on unique mobile pipe-less technologies and products including commercialization of stranded gas.

These solutions allow consumers who are not connected to a pipeline to take advantage of NG: an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly and the safest hydrocarbon energy source. Energtek's revenues and profits arise from supplying natural gas, proven as a less expensive and less polluting alternative to oil-derivative fuels such as diesel, oil fuel, LPG, propane, etc.

They also enable monetization of NG resources where no infrastructure exists.

Energtek is a one-stop-shop for mobile pipe-less NG supply: capturing, storage, transport and delivery of NG from the source to industrial/commercial/residential/NGV customers. Sources of gas include pipelines and/or stranded/associated/flared gas.

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